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Toribash 3.84 Beta 5
Toribash 3.84 Beta 5 - Windows

* Physics caching
Ghost and replays in multiplayer are played back from a buffer instead of calculated using physics. This is much faster.

* Chat cache /opt chatcache 0|1|2 (0=off, 1=ATI, 2=Software)

* Camera options
1 - Default Cam
2 - Free Cam (press shift+2 to enable Free Orbit Cam, press shift+2 again to toggle targeting sphere)
3 - Uke Cam
4 - Tori Cam

* Camera keyframes are saved in replays
k - start keyframing
Shift+k - clear keyframes

* Camera has a bit of decay on the movements.
* Fixed position of bounty messages
* Autoupdate shouldn't crash the client. This was a big problem on the OSX version and more seldom on Windows.

* Tutorial Changes
- 'Toribash Tutorial' now covers mousewheel and hands (does not cover 'L' button)
- In 'Challenge Uke', Uke will pull off his moves even if the player reconfigures Uke's joints
- New moves for 'Advanced Tutorial' and 'Challenge Uke' are still open to suggestion

* Mouse reverted back to 3.83 style

Don't post bugs if they are mentioned here in the main post!!

Known bugs:
- Speedometer/Altimeter don't work in multiplayer
- ToriShop Uke ghost problem
- Aikido Mod not reset when doing Fight Uke -> Torishop -> New Game
- Bumpmaps doesn't load textures in shader mode
- Changing game resolution causes game to shut down
- No auto-resolution for Full screen
- Shaders running slower than before
- 4000+ frames replays don't save
- Incomplete saving of replays that are not edited - [FIXED]
- Russian characters show up as "?" - [FIXED]
- Ghost doesn't refresh with scripts that update joints

- White quad that blocks out the screen (should be fixed, but if found, include in your report the chat cache used and how the quad appeared)
- If you are getting the white quad often, either /opt chatcache 2 (shouldn't create the quad anymore) or press tab to clear the quad

Fixed bugs from beta 4:
- No grabby hands in replays [FIXED]
- No grip sphere in replays [FIXED]
- No fractures in replays [FIXED]
- Next/Prev replay and auto replay doesn't loop properly [FIXED]
- Ghost fades to white against dojo/background textures [FIXED]
- Fractured Knee + Hold All bug [FIXED]
- Cached chat does not refresh when switching between cache modes [FIXED]
- Multiple tb.exe running if you close and open a couple of times [FIXED]
- Tutorial joint indicators block ghost [FIXED]
- Tutorial joint indicators at wrong position [FIXED]
- Tutorial custom joints recolored [FIXED]
- Tutorial 'L' button not disabled [FIXED]
- /opt autoupdate 0 works [FIXED]
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I'm adding here the bug I found. I also am going to try it again to confirm it...
Lol, quite annoying test :v

- 4 000+ frames of dancing lost
- During those 4 000+ frames, I didn't edit even once
- Before those 4 000+ frames, I was doing your daily replay, where I edited the replay once in a while
- I was creating the replay, I hadn't saved it yet... And I hadn't taken an other replay and edited it

Also, I don't really get what does the chat cache do?
When I type /opt chatcache 2 , it only moves a bit...
Originally Posted by Tonakai View Post
Also, I don't really get what does the chat cache do?
When I type /opt chatcache 2 , it only moves a bit...

This is a developer variable that most users shouldn't have to worry about.

/opt chatcache
0 - Every character on the screen is drawn as a separate texture. (slow)
1 - When the chat is updated every character is drawn into a single texture. As long as no new text has a arrived. This texture is drawn on the screen. (very fast)
2 - When the chat is updated every character is blitted to an image then copied to a texture. (fast.. all cards).

When Toribash starts up it tries by default to set 1. If the graphics card can't handle that it sets 2.

Old versions use 0.
i hope resolution change would be fix now
coz in beta 3 it doesn't shut down
but in beta 4 it shuts down
so i'll see in beta 5
im sure this won't go up till beta 10
Hampa, please. Could you change the force style? Make it just like the old one? I think it is better for some people.
i dont know but its the new toribash non shader graphics
but i think you can suggest it to be an option for
older non shader
non shader
and shaders
-In training, pressing "p" or "r" makes the replay finish and takes you out of training mode.

-Clicking "finish" at the end of a tutorial takes you to the next tutorial the first time, but if you choose "free play" while in the tutorial or wish to play the tutorial again, clicking "finish" takes you to "free play". This is especially annoying in "advanced moves" where if you want to play a certain move you have to hope it picks it, since it seems to be giving me moves to play almost randomly now.

There should be a "next tutorial" button and a "Finish" button. Or a list of moves to choose from in the "advanced moves" tutorial.
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