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Toribash 3.84 Beta 5
Toribash 3.84 Beta 5

http://www.toribash.com/tb_b5.exe - Windows

* Physics caching
Ghost and replays in multiplayer are played back from a buffer instead of calculated using physics. This is much faster.

* Chat cache /opt chatcache 0|1|2 (0=off, 1=ATI, 2=Software)

* Camera options
1 - Default Cam
2 - Free Cam (press shift+2 to enable Free Orbit Cam, press shift+2 again to toggle targeting sphere)
3 - Uke Cam
4 - Tori Cam

* Camera keyframes are saved in replays
k - start keyframing
Shift+k - clear keyframes

* Camera has a bit of decay on the movements.
* Fixed position of bounty messages
* Autoupdate shouldn't crash the client. This was a big problem on the OSX version and more seldom on Windows.

* Tutorial Changes
- 'Toribash Tutorial' now covers mousewheel and hands (does not cover 'L' button)
- In 'Challenge Uke', Uke will pull off his moves even if the player reconfigures Uke's joints
- New moves for 'Advanced Tutorial' and 'Challenge Uke' are still open to suggestion

* Mouse reverted back to 3.83 style

Don't post bugs if they are mentioned here in the main post!!

Known bugs:
- Speedometer/Altimeter don't work in multiplayer
- ToriShop Uke ghost problem
- Aikido Mod not reset when doing Fight Uke -> Torishop -> New Game
- Bumpmaps doesn't load textures in shader mode
- Changing game resolution causes game to shut down
- No auto-resolution for Full screen
- Shaders running slower than before
- 4000+ frames replays don't save
- Incomplete saving of replays that are not edited - [FIXED]
- Russian characters show up as "?" - [FIXED]
- Ghost doesn't refresh with scripts that update joints

- White quad that blocks out the screen (should be fixed, but if found, include in your report the chat cache used and how the quad appeared)
- If you are getting the white quad often, either /opt chatcache 2 (shouldn't create the quad anymore) or press tab to clear the quad

Fixed bugs from beta 4:
- No grabby hands in replays [FIXED]
- No grip sphere in replays [FIXED]
- No fractures in replays [FIXED]
- Next/Prev replay and auto replay doesn't loop properly [FIXED]
- Ghost fades to white against dojo/background textures [FIXED]
- Fractured Knee + Hold All bug [FIXED]
- Cached chat does not refresh when switching between cache modes [FIXED]
- Multiple tb.exe running if you close and open a couple of times [FIXED]
- Tutorial joint indicators block ghost [FIXED]
- Tutorial joint indicators at wrong position [FIXED]
- Tutorial custom joints recolored [FIXED]
- Tutorial 'L' button not disabled [FIXED]
- /opt autoupdate 0 works [FIXED]
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