will my set continue as planed despite site failure?
i am orion
Free Pv2Caribou
Yeah, I have to sort some things out first though.

Edit: If the people who have ordered something since the reopening would redo an application please, I would be very greatful as I cannot remember who ordered anything other than:

1. Orions set
2. PurpleMists Set
3. 1543(or something like that) avatar (repost an application anyways though.)

I'm only sure about them so if you ordered something, just repost it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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What you want*:head
Details*: sent you a pm, any question about it can be communicated through pm
Size*: (128x128, 256x256, 512x512 etc..) 512
Reference: (link goes here) check pm
Price Range*: I'm willing to pay 30k depending on the quality
Id like to place an order from this fine diner

What you want*: head
Details*: demon pure and shaman, style, irrelevant. you know me, style is irrelevant. use your discretion, do something different
Size*: 512
Reference: (link goes here)
Price Range*: il pay 20,239tc
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What you want*:avatar
Size*: normal avatar size
Price range:3.5
made this offer before the forum got hacked
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Okay, all recent posters have been added to the worklist. Thanks for your orders.

Crazy, thank you for resubmitting your order ;).
Orion, made some thighs today. Uploaded them.
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Sup bro, i need it:
The Waffle House Special:
set, avi, sig + descop pic
Set need like it:
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