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Hyrozen's Replay Thread
The Runner
What do you think ?
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first vault:
-was a toe jump, something that imo is gross in pk
-the little step off thing you did on that vault looked kinda nice though

second vault:
-again a toe jump
-it looked awkward because you were getting to close to the vault and had to cut your step off half way

the first roll
-the roll did what its supposed to do, witch is keep your momentum although it could have been better imo
-it was a little but jolty when you jammed your hand into the ground to get the momentum you needed for the jump, this could have been avoided if you had a better roll

the jump fallowing the roll
-your movement in the jump was pretty good, not much else to say

the slide
-the slide was meh, the movement wasn't great
-the transition off the slide was good

the stairs
-you did a good job of keeping momentum on the stairs but both jumps were toe jumps :'c
-the run at the top of the stairs looked very unnatural

the gap
-you missed out on a good opportunity to wall run there, witch would have looked much nicer than what u ended up doing.
-other than that the gap looked pretty messy

the next gap
-your kong was pretty gross
-you did a good job of keeping momentum again
-the landing on the other side was gross and messy

the bars
- you did alright on the bars but at the start of the bars you did some really weird natural flip things that were pretty gross
-the landing on the other platform was pretty good although you did loose pretty much all your momentum

the tiktaks
-the run leading up to the tiktaks was not great
-the jump off the first tiktak was pretty good and gave a fair bit of power
-your vault onto the platform with cylinders was pretty good aside from that fact that it was a toe jump

the cylinders
-your run on the cylinders was pretty messy although it got cleaner as you went

the ending
-imo was a bit more flashy than it needed to be but over was pretty good, corks weren't great.

over all a score of 6.7/10

i hope to see some new stuff in future as your replay showed promise, just keep playing and keep improving.
Okay, Thanks I will train with your board
My best Tricking of the week
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Good replay
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The run was pretty good, just some twitches here and there
the setup was quite nice, there could be some improvements
but that aerial was pretty stiff though
I dont even Signature okay
It is a good parkour ?
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-run at the start was pretty good
-the recovery from the landing from the slide was good
-the front flip over the vault was boring and slow but you couldn't really do that much better
with the space you had, if you had landed the slide better
-the second slide (on your feet) was also good, kinda impressive in mp
-the vault after the second slide, was good and flowed nicely into the roll

overall 7.3/10
Originally Posted by Hyrozen View Post
The Runner
What do you think ?

i liked every thing it was smooth and amazing
but there was a 360 spin that was weird a bit
but still cool for me anyway i started to parkour
in singleplayer too make sure to check some of my
parkour replays
for some reason i cant see the teamrunner mod
cuz of that i couldn't see the parkour replay
but its seems cool doe
nice work <3