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Suggestions & Ideas Rules

Board Rules
  • Useless Posts
    Don't post if you have nothing to say. If your post simply says that you agree with someone or want this to be implemented, don't post at all.
    If your post has positive or negative feedback about the suggestion, or adds to the suggestion itself, it's considered useful.
    Suggestions aren't "voted" on. "Votes" won't help your suggestion to be implemented. Therefore, posts like "supported" or "unsupported" are considered useless.

  • Bumping a Thread
    You're allowed to bump your thread after 2 weeks. If we determine that your thread won't go anywhere, we will mark it as such. If a thread is marked [Will Not Be Implemented], please do not bump it unless you have a suggestion to resolve whatever issue was preventing it from being implementable.

  • Items & Colors
    When posting an item suggestion, make sure your thread includes a comprehensive description and reference picture of what you're wanting. We can't create what you're wanting if you don't explain to us what it is.
    When posting a color suggestion, it's preferred you reference a HEX color code. Please don't request for colors incredibly similar to other colors that are already implemented into the game.

  • Game Mods & Servers
    Simple mod suggestions for public rooms should be posted here. If you feel as though your suggestion may evolve into some form of discussion/you want the opinions of others, please leave a suggestion thread in S&I.

  • Existing Threads
    Please check if the suggestion you are making has been made by using the search function before you post a suggestion. Most things you think are novel have been thought of many times before. If you see multiple threads with the same topic, don't make a post about it, instead, pm a moderator.

Board Tags

Suggestions & Ideas now has a tag system to help group suggestions for the developers. You are required to tag your thread when you make it, but if you choose the wrong tag, dont worry, just message a board moderator and they'll change it for you!
Here are the tags you should choose from:

  • [Game]: Any suggestion that involves in the ingame client, the ingame multiplayer experience, or relate to ingame effects.

  • [TBN]: Any suggestion related to the development of Toribash Next

  • [Site]: Any suggestion related to features on the site, changes to the site's layout, changes to the web based systems available to you (such as the ToriShop and the Clans system), or similar.

  • [Event]: Anything that we could make happen by organizing people ingame or on the forums (such as the Event Squad), whether it be a simple one-off event for fun or a month long competition.

  • [Community]: Suggestions that affect the community in general such as suggesting rules changes, changing TC or item availability, suggesting changes for usergroups, or for any long term change that spans across both site and game.

  • [Other]: If none of the above seem to fit, you can also use [Other].

There are also a couple of moderator-only tags:
  • [In Development]: The [In Development] tag means that a suggestion has been forwarded to the developers and they have begun working on implementing the suggestion, it will be changed to [Implemented] once added to the game.

  • [Implemented]: A suggestion marked [Implemented] means that, to at least a significant and obvious extent, the suggestion has been made available to the public for use. It may still be up for discussion and changes, but it has definitely happened.

  • [Will Not Be Implemented]: Anything marked [Will Not Be Implemented] will not be implemented. Please note that if a thread has been marked as such that almost all similar suggestions will also be immediately marked as such. In short, things like 2v2 have been marked as [Will Not Be Implemented], please do not repost them. Maybe in the distant future some of these suggestions will be revisited, but don't count on it.

Skul's Tips For Making a Suggestion

  • Don't be vague. Too many generic or basic suggestions, they need detail. So you want a specific thing, but how will it work? How exactly do you want things to be within the idea? A good idea will have a good solid foundation behind it.

  • When you see staff commenting on an idea (eg me) pay attention to what they say. If we like the idea then push it further, add to it, make it more awesome. If we don't like it or shoot it down, make adjustments. You don't need to be the person who came up with the idea to suggest different ways of doing it. Just because way #1 didn't work doesn't mean way #2 or #3 wont.

  • If you see a suggestion you like, help to develop it! Remember that "supported" posts are considered useless, so instead of doing that and getting infrac'd, help the idea grow. The same applies for a suggestion that's already been posted. Is yours similar but different? Why not put your idea as a suggested change to theirs? Obviously their one didn't work so help develop it into what you want.

  • Read the board first and make sure there isn't a suggestion like yours already. Is yours similar but different? Why not put your idea as a suggested change to theirs? Obviously their one didn't work so help develop it into what you want.
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