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Suggestion for Enhanced Physics Simulation in Toribash Next (Unity?)
Hello Developers and Toribash Community,

I've been an avid player of the Toribash series and recently transitioned to Toribash Next. While I appreciate the advancements and new features in the latest installment, I've noticed a particular aspect of the physics simulation that seems to differ significantly from the original Toribash game developed by Hampa.

In Hampa's original engine, the physics model appeared to adhere closely to Newtonian principles, specifically regarding the equal and opposite reactions to forces. A clear example of this was observed when executing movements like a pecs contraction in a T-pose; such an action would realistically propel the character backward due to the reaction force. This level of detail added a layer of depth and realism to the game's physics.

However, in Toribash Next, it seems that this reaction force - a fundamental aspect of Newtonian physics - is not as prominently simulated. Additionally, elements like drag, which are vital in real-world physics to account for air resistance, do not appear to be factored in by default in the game's current physics model. This omission leads to a different gameplay experience compared to the original, which some long-time players might find less faithful to the expected physics dynamics.

Given the advanced capabilities of modern game engines like Unity (and its integrated Nvidia PhysX for 3D physics), I believe it's feasible to incorporate these aspects into Toribash Next. The inclusion of realistic drag effects and proper simulation of reaction forces would not only enhance the authenticity of the physics but also align the game more closely with its predecessor’s revered mechanics.

For developers, this might involve adjusting physics parameters such as drag coefficients and ensuring that forces applied to characters (like the clapping motion in a T-pose) generate appropriate reaction forces. While I understand the need for optimization, especially in physics simulations, I believe these adjustments could be a valuable improvement to the game’s overall realism and fidelity to real-world physics.

I’m not a developer myself, but I wanted to bring this to your attention in case it’s an aspect that could be refined. Thank you for your continuous efforts in improving and evolving the Toribash experience. I, along with many others in the community, am excited to see how the game continues to develop.

Best regards, Shardik/Mook

Edit: I made an oversight, all the default settings of the game are just not set right. I have now made a mode that feels like Classic.tbm with the right mass for body parts, that make Uke behave like you would expect.

People need to give this game a chance lol
It can be good just like the original.
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