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[README]Art Rules (UPDATED 19/06/17)
Art Rules
Infringements of these rules will result in an infraction/ban and posts being deleted.

Global rules obviously apply here.

General Rules
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated, and will instantly result in a ban.
  • Every thread requires a list of programs used to create your work (in cases of traditional art, list the tools used, i.e. HB pencils, watercolors, etc.)
  • Low-effort content is not allowed. Examples of low-effort content are (and not limited to): Montage parodies, MS Paint drawings, and poorly written literature.
  • Excessively large images (above 1000x1000 pixels) should be placed in a spoiler.
  • Posts along the lines of "Nice head!" and "Thank you"s following them are useless posts.
  • C/P art/textures are allowed, but reference images must be included.
  • Each thread should be labeled accordingly to the topic.
  • Please post constructively. If you like/dislike something, it doesn't hurt to articulate a bit.

Video Rules
  • Creators of music must be credited in the thread
  • Creators of replays must be credited in the thread.
  • Custom sets used that don't belong to the replay makers are to be credited

How to embed your YouTube video: the foolproof way

Texture Rules
  • The Art Board is for posting art. Talk of marketing artwork should be put in the Art/Textures section of the market, or through PMs.
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