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Welcome to the Toribash Legends board.

What Is This?
The ToriLegends is a group comprised of the best players and artist around Toribash.
They are meant to be the role-models of the community, and to give newer players something to strive for.

Of course, this group isn't closed off. We want to give the new generation of Toribashians something to aim for in their Toribash career.
You too, could become a legend one day if you work hard enough!

This board is meant for the legends to showcase whatever they feel like, and works a bit like the news board.
They may share tips, replays, art, or even do a bit of marketing if they have a rare item they wish to trade.

How Does It Work?
Candidates do not apply, ask, or anything of the sort. You simply be you.
Candidates are chosen by the council who will remain anonymous or nominated by the community members themselves.
Once chosen, they go through a process, and if chosen, get a warm welcoming into Legendhood.

Legends will receive various items, including a golden name in-game and on the forum, and quite a bit of recognition.

What Does It Take To Become A Legend?
Becoming a Legend isn't easy. It takes hard work and dedication to the community.
Showing that you care about the community and game are key. Whether you be an artist, replay maker, mod maker, or video maker, we accept you all.
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