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Team Philippines

Hello, and welcome to the Philippine Toribash Organization!

Our mission is to basically gather all Filipino Toribash players into the organization and have them relate to each other in their daily lives in the country of the Philippines. And of course, have fun with toribash and everything that comes along with it!

How to Join:
Simple! Our first basic requirement is that you must be a filipino.
Second is that anyone with filipino blood are able to join this organization. And that's it! Welcome to the Philippine organization!

Of course, wherever you go, there must be a set of rules to follow. But for this particular org, the only rules we enforce is to not embarrass the glory of the Philippine pride inside the toribash game and on the forums. In short, the only rule we enforce is the behaviour of each and every one of you Filipinos in this organization.

Philippine Team Organization Members:

Pride of the Philippines:
We take pride to anyone who is in this organization, and here is a list of great filipinos who have helped contributed (and still are) in the toribash community!

avwave - Administrator, ninja, and helped with a bit of programming for the toribash community!
MrJingles1 - Official Replay Makers Organization and is featured in the singleplayer replay list in toribash 4.8!
Virtue - Full-host in the official Toribash Radio!


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