I just want to get this clear because I don't want to get into trouble again.
Am I allowed to post a picture of something cool and allow other people to post on my thread about other Cool pictures that are taken within in-game. (Funny/Cool pictures taken in Toribash). If you know what I mean. My english isn't really that good. :/
- Montage parodies, ms paint drawings, shittily written literature and other obviously low effort content will be subject to removal. They're not art, they don't belong in the art section.

I believe plain screenshots of 'cool ingame stuff' falls under 'obviously low effort content' category.
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I believe plain screenshots of 'cool ingame stuff' falls under 'obviously low effort content' category.

rather, it demonstrates that the player has no creativity
I wanted to find out if covers of songs falls under "music".

Let's say I do a drum cover of an avenged sevenfold song. Can I post it under that tag or does it go somewhere else?
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In all Toribash videos, credit must be given to all the replay-makers either within the video or on the thread.

In all [Vid] threads posted from now on, this rule will be enforced. It would be courteous to also ask the replay-makers before using their replays, but at the very least you must credit them.
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[Photo] Photography. You forgot photography.

Photography is a type of art so just use the art tag
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It's a way different thing

For all intents and purposes, drawings, paintings, photographs and stuff like that fall under the [ART] tag.

If you're really worried about the people getting the wrong idea about your thread you can always put 'Photography' or 'Photo' in your title, just not as your tag.
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Hmmmm are you able to post a Clan art thread or are you unable to do that?
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