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No one is really hated in the org.
No one is really liked in this org.
No one really cares about this org.
No one needs this org.

well thats a bit rude no?
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\o\ | ORMO | OSHI | OLDA | [duck] | Team Canada | Maple Syrup United | Team Philippines | [UssR] | Anime United | /o/
I saw TIcux from Alpha clan dueling Karstanator 100,000 TC before :o Does he still play?

Who is Karsntator?

3698 PM me if you want to see a secret.
Godenz is a vagina XD (Dont take this seriously fam)

Lol, Mrjingles, you finally posted here again...

Lol p4p4, karst is a good playur

Weirdest Tori in Toribash
<Diuwaybuns> Toribash is unprotected sex
You have been either, linked or have stumbled to this glorious, glorious, g l o r i o u s, GLORIOUSpost. Another school year in the school I go to and I see something VERY STRANGE.

I was looking at my classmates profiles because I heard we were classmates with a lot of people who transferred all the way to our school. While looking at their profile, I found this strange looking girl

girl's pic

She looked familiar I just... didn't know why... THEN, it hit me. She looks like my dead friend who recently went missing and was found dead.

lets call him mikey

The picture above is white because of the white-ish filter.

Both pictures from a different angle or POV. What gits me is that WHAT IF the boy might BE the girl. Or WHAT IF the girl got a face transplant? If you do not believe me look at the similarities...

The almond shaped eyes, The thin eyebrows, nose with a bit dark-ish parts on the sides, shape of the face, and the lips.

The conclusion here, kids? is that the girl looked like total shit and had to have a face transplant. While the people in the hospital were looking for the donor, they accidentally got Mikey's face and have sewn it already to her face.

saying this accurate conclusion, i am a god.

If you dont believe me, here are the 2 pictures that prove that they are one person. We must all know that Tupac is still alive, right?



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3698 PM me if you want to see a secret.
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What happened to people like Moncho srsly :v

Hi Rhae, I'm still alive! I still check this organization and scroll through the pages from time to time. Glad to see you're still around, I'll try to get back.

How are you guys? And what's with all the shit post?
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