Got lazy on the last few frames tho

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My Replays
this is my first more in-depth cnc in a long time, only cause i really want to see yo hoe ass improve

not a fan of how you started the replay, both of your pecs were extended which does not look good, and the right leg which you used to push off wasn't fully extended

you should have extended/relaxed the right leg in the start before you pushed off then contracted for maximum momentum, instead you pushed off a slightly bent leg and contracted it mid air wich isn't very pretty

at around 410 i thought you were gonna go for a launch thingy but instead you reverse rotated which isn't very pretty either

the manip hits were ok cause i know jack shit about manips, but that kick around 300 looked ass and seemed kinda pointless, focus more on your own movements rather than on elevating uke as much as possible

fuckin love the jump before the dms, intense af!!

however it bothered me that you immediately went for the bashing with the leg you used to lift off, waiting a bit then hitting with the other one always looks so much better.

cool grab switch thingy attempt, though i'm not a fan of the shoulder raise at around 100

still need to work on twitchyness a bit

good job overall, i hope i didn't come off as mean or something cause the replay was indeed good and i really want you to improve because you have the potential.

You know what and why.
WIP rite ere. :< )
Thanks, Sheer00. xoxo, Sparrr.
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‘you can get as sick and as lewd as you want’.
you're really good at manipulation but you need to work on your dms and try to not grab when you're trying to get a dm unless its a boom or something ypur movements are good and the hits you doo look like they have power but the dms don't show that
“Aaah rum zum zum aaah rum zum zum booly booly booly booly booly rum zum zum”
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‘you can get as sick and as lewd as you want’.
And so I got unbanned.
I'll pretty much do more WiPs than more actual replays, so you guys really need to tell if I should finish one or something. Or unless I'm feeling like doing so.
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Made a collab with ILikeBread.
It's more of a comeback collab for us both.
Totally not our best, but you all will see better things on the way.
And totally not gonna make it in time for monthly opener challenge. (not that I'll win tho.)
We had mixed parts. CnC it, mang.
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Cat are gay and in the bag III:
lovely opener-to spin-to kick
nice transiton to chest grab
asdfghjkl boom
the whole thing could be faster though, this replay is only going to be better with speed
This is the second time I didn't put a tag, 'cause I'm in a hurry. (it's [M] tho)
The pose was cranky due to rushing, but yee.
CnC ples.
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