The punch. It gives us all cancer. Pls save the children.
"they're like enormous pillows of disgusting girly meat" ~Orih 2016
My Replays
O: Children of afrka,especially.
Getting into it.
I did this replay after vomitting,no seriously I did.(There're reasons behind it)
Soo....Feel free to CnC this one people,it had 2 versions but eh.
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#[S]Vomit.rpl (227.5 KB, 24 views)
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hi i like returning favors :3 the opener was pretty long and you could shorten it a little, but i still liked it. the spin was cool but you randomly raised and extended your arms so you should watch out for that. the punch was quite the cancer and the kick wasn't very accurate. if you made it more centered it could have given uke a bit more spin and made your fabulous bitch slap a bit less make uke spin with a grab. but the bitch slap was fab. the boom was meh, but the dms were pretty solid. the flip into the pose and the pose itself is pretty good. now I'm really curious how you threw up. its fine everyone does it sometimes c: but id give you a 6/10 but your hat and your thread name gives it a 7/10 try to improve your hits and flow. i can see some potential :3
I'll be improving more through these CnCs,keep 'em coming.
I would also want to require the people who would come here to read the spoiler for more info about my thread's replays. C:
And I really need advice on how to do accurate or precise hits,that's my top-priored problem at the moment.
Okay uhhm,I made these out of my mood.
I tried to edit "Bag of Doritos" and made it worse.
Anyway,tell me what you guys think of these new ones.
That moment when no CnCs.
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#[S]Lousy Soda.rpl (212.5 KB, 12 views)
#BloodyWuss.rpl (249.0 KB, 9 views)
#Thawed Ice Cube.rpl (233.1 KB, 13 views)
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BUMP ,to lazy to be productive.
Tried manip(I just hope so it looks or makes it a manip replay),and I know I could've got a boom on that kick.
CeeeEnCeee plawkz.
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lets try this one too tho.rpl (169.8 KB, 14 views)
It's another one of those cancer replays I do and have.
CnC it,and tell me how badly it made you cringe.
hnng de bump.
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#Precipice of Retardation.rpl (188.1 KB, 9 views)
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I tried another manip,and this one,I tried so many times to get a boom hit,but I just couldn't think straight within a sick state.(First one is the kinda-finished ver.,whilst the second one is an attempt to boom. ;-;)
CnC's are veeeeeery well appreciated.
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#[M] 9-11 All over again.rpl (227.0 KB, 13 views)
#9-11 [Trying to boom].rpl (177.1 KB, 9 views)