needs to be less twitchy, you twitchy whorse

get a 6 dm with dat kick or something crazy like that lmao
invite me to your clan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
work on speed,you movements seems slow sometimes
also,on the beggining i dont like the way you contract/extend the leg,try to make it fluid
i just wish i could cork
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You guys want me to do something?
Please tell me.
I don't like trying too much.
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Ok lets go CnC.

Dough Helix :
You...are....fucking. Rusty.
As fuck.
Opener was meh. thee transitions were off and then you ghosted so frequently.
The spins was dope though. And the boom was nice aswell.
You are getting there.
ic ic ty yeah a bit rusty because i kinda stopped doing this halfway and just flopped whatever i had finished down hhh

more tho
bump bump

few min edit
sorry man i dont think i remember you quite well lmao
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Oh hi my Japanese-filipino shit head. great to see you back why the fuck are you here?

Anyways, about the replay,

The opener was gay
The spins on the start was kinda meh
The spins before the boom were amazing
the boom was great

no decap -rep

Overall, great replay.
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