some twitches here and there
you broke your flow after the double knee using that grab
also transition to hits were sorta bad, after each hit you stop for a bit, nice dms tho
I'm gonna keep trying until I perfect tricking, CnC and advice ples.
Hello, MrMiyagy, all's been good.
Light, thanks, but it's spelled as lizstomania(derp). Cx
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Dancey was nice m8. boomhit was with hood foot like always, kinda dissapointed. but I guess uke got disjointed so it's all ok (omg i rhymed, must be a raper)

Anyway replay was nice, I would spend less time posing in these fast replays though.

basically a beyblade that can jump.
tricking thread
I think the replay was really, one of the better ones I have seen from you in a while, Only problem I had was finishing with a pose, too much movement at the end. Rest of the replay before that point smooth and solid.
That faff was so smooth tho.
It has a boom. Bonus points.
Getting to pose was a little clunky.

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