I found your opener extremely funny, not only your starter fetal position but also your spin and that's one of my main motivations to come see your replays tbh, your style is crazy

this halfsplit kick was beautiful, sweetest part of this replay, absolutely amazing. I don't have much to say about other dms but I liked them a lot as well, especially when you kick uke's lower body to spin, that looked awesome too

negative points are that this replay is too short, also I would like to see a manip if possible :^S

overall, good job. I give you 9/10
<[Vector]Aadame> damn pat with his mod skills
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hey thanks man

thats fairly positive feedback for a 15-20 min replay, im happy with that

i will cook up a manip just for u bb but i suck at manips
I like the dms they're very pretty, I find the movement weird though. Left knee contracting while your glutes were on the floor squashed your lower body totally (you're essentially forcing your foot and hip to move closer together while they're both stuck to the floor from the friction) and made the launch ten times harder, and because you had little spin you were essentially forced to grab to impose direction after the two first dms. The transition to the boom is actually nice that foot dm though. Last hit very meaty and satisfying, you didn't let your torso do any work on it though. Relax everything below your abs on the frame of the hit = free dms.
oh yeah
not sure if i ever posted this but i just found it and i thought it was cool
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