cool dm sequences, careful not to over contract your wrists and elbows tho
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Opener was pretty well done, it did what an opener was made to do
your neck contracted around frame 264, don't know if you meant to do that or maybe you did it to give you more more momentum but idk it looked a bit weird. Loved how you just hover over uke for a while. The grab at 221 looked so subtle yet it was one of my favorite moments in the replay. Just the way you make uke do a complete 180 is so sick. Decap was pretty cool, 1st kick was really good, super satisfying, hit the target perfectly. 2nd kick wasn't that great, it felt kind of unnecessary. Tbh it would have been fine to just leave it with the 1st kick only. Maybe you could have made the replay a bit longer so you could make the 2nd kick look a bit better but I don't know, in my opinion it just didn't look so hot.

Aside from that the replay was really well done.
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you clean your ears with a toothpick while listening to explosive diarrhea blood rectum metal
nice...i think
some good opener yknow
everything feels very relaxed and im weirded out by it
the tori spin was aight ig
that was some fucking head slap you did there, noice.
you grabbed it very nicely
the double arm decap is nice
also the leg + chest thingy dm was pretty smooth-ish so nice.

weird ass hell replay 4 you to make but nice i think.
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