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Updated Clans system
57 Votes / 39.58%
New Market system
87 Votes / 60.42%
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Original Post
Choose the next Toribash update - Clans vs Market
Hi, next week I'm planning to start work on Toribash 5.53 and need help deciding what it should focus on.
Options to choose from are Clans and Market, and here are the drafts for each of these updates:

  • Full clan controls in game client with wars, member management, invites and on
  • Automated system for clan officialization based on fixed criteria
  • Fully automated activity checks
  • Clan shop with exclusive items to spend perk points on

  • In-game Market GUI
  • Steam Market like system with an ability to put a sale / purchase offer
  • Tax on every item sale to combat economy inflation (same as Steam does, sellers can see how much they'll sell for and how much they'll actually receive, buyer only sees the buy price)
  • Premium shops that allow to sell without tax / sell no-qi items

Most popular vote gets added with 5.53 update.
Please keep in mind that I'm currently not considering any other big updates for 5.53 - both of these have been on the backburner for quite a long time now.

If you've got any other ideas for either the Clans or Market system, please share.
MArket with the clan shop as perk points dont seem super useful right now
World best ES World best ES
my shawty look gorgus
Please, could you include in market update way (command? gui?) to transfer tc or / and items using client, so you didn't have to log in forums each time? I guess many people would like this to happen (especially who duel much)
I hope my boyfriend don't mind it