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Automatic Game Updates for Standalone
just tried out the new GUI after months of refusing to use it, and i'm starting to warm up to the idea that it's fairly good. however i noticed that there's no way to update your game from within the client using standalone.

i understand most people use steam now so updating the game is done easily for them, but it'd be a nice addition to standalone versions to have a section in the menu which checks to see if there's an update, and an option to perform that update.

on a side note: there's also no "download toribash" button directly available when visiting the forums. i'd love to see that added so i could be taken directly to a downloads page for toribash.
i know it sits down at the bottom of the page but it might be a cool idea to have to readily available at the top of the page for new viewers
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Standalone clients have a “New version available” pop-up on startup if a newer version has been released. They also support GUI updates but those aren’t frequently used as they might break stuff if something goes wrong mid update.

As for forums, it made sense that registered users would likely have the game installed already so there’s no big download button displayed for them.