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Keyboard compatibility
So, a few minutes ago, i tryed to rename a replay (with the newmenu, im usually playing with the standalone version with old ui) and i noticed that EVERY single thing is QWERTY based.

As a AZERTY user, i can't type anything without having to think where the heck is this letter (even if i try to change my keyboard to qwerty or azerty).

I would like to know if it's possible to get an AZERTY support or to just not force QWERTY mode

Thank you,
P.S : I might be the only one having this problem
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i use AZERTY aswell and it works just fine for me although i'm using ENG-AZERTY not FR so that may be the reason why.
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i use Colemak and have much trouble in single player because R button is on place of S in Qwerty, so i can't move my camera back, and if i do by accident - rip.
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Yeah i understand but im wondering why the keyboard gets forced into qwerty
Why would humans have arms when they do have legs?