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Staff Run Beginner Clans
I think there should be 2 or 3 clans that as soon as you open the game for the first time you can pick from to join. Kinda like how you pick your team in Pokemon go. These clans would be run by a staff team and they would have their own little beginner tournaments, training and wars. When you hit a certain belt, lets say black belt, you get kicked from the clan.

Warring with your clan is one of the most fun aspects of this game and I think this would do a lot for player retention by allowing noobs to war and compete regularly with people their skill level without worrying about getting smacked up by a pro. They can have their own little community and events that they actually stand a chance at winning in. Prizes for these can be small: beginner items, a couple shiai tokens, 5k tc, etc.

Perhaps ips can be checked for players in these noob clans to prevent alts being in them and an option to skip joining them when first entering the game and decide later.
Also maybe replace a couple beginner servers with a server for each of these clans.
An idea somewhat similar to this got implemented a few years ago and it failed. Staff made (Red) and (Blue) and new players got invited. The problem was that new players didn't care about the clans at all and staff didn't have the time to care.
I think the staff that would run this would have to be specifically chosen people that apply and want to run this. Noobs won’t care if staff doesn’t. But also I wasn’t around for that event so idk exactly how it went