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New Command.
I think a command to allow you spec after a match will be of some use. Especially in Ranked and duels. Sometimes, you have to leave early during ranked. Imagine being able to leave with out losing elo.

Small suggestion.
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So you mean you use /spectate as normal spectating, and "/PassiveSpectating" as a spectating mode for still keeping all your stats active, like match numbers and elo?
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you mean something where you queue up a /spec command to trigger once the match ends, would be neat like that cuz it would stop ppl from getting locked into duels cuz the replay skips. if u spec first turn of ranked i dont think u lose elo anyway

/spec - normal spectate, instant
/spec2 - can be used during match, will spec u after the match
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Love the sound of this, but please don't make it /spec2. Just to avoid people accidentally speccing when they meant to do the passive spec
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