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some ideas (i'm bad at naming threads)
1. settings option free window resize
- what's the point? - so u can dock your window to screen side while waiting for match: with hotkeys like win + <arrow-key> or any other window-tiling-manager utility
- why option? - so it can be disabled and you didn't have to worry about resizing a window by accident during the game

2. settings option disable bruise

- motivation: there is an option to disable blood, but to disable bruise you still have to /opt bruise 0 every session

3. settings option auto focus on window when match starts
- please?

4. some sort of easy out-of-the-box way to enable dark-theme (including background color)
- motivation: my eyes are hurting when i play at night, but i'm too lazy to configure shaders

5. fix ingame /ranking
- right now i get 'Unable to fetch ranking (error -3)'