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Settings Implementation
In the context of Toribash, where in-game commands play a pivotal role in gameplay, it is essential to enhance accessibility for both novices and experienced players. A notable feature that would significantly benefit the gaming community is the improved visibility of these in-game commands.

To achieve this, I propose the incorporation of an intuitive interface within the game settings. This interface would encompass a comprehensive list of available commands, along with pertinent details regarding their functionality. This would serve to enlighten players on the command set's current status – distinguishing between fully operational commands and those presently under maintenance.

Such a user-friendly addition, exemplified visually in the accompanying image, would empower players to harness the game's command system more effectively and bolster the overall gaming experience. It is my belief that by implementing this suggested enhancement, Toribash can further engage and support its player base.

Reasoning: In the game there is a command ''/help'' by using this command it will generate a huge list of commands, but a lot of the commands will not work for multiplayer. And if you're new to the game you do not know what commands are for or, You did not know that these commands exist. even for more experienced player with there being so many commands to use. it can be hard to memorize them from time to time so with this setting implementation it saves time and is very convenient
I reciprocate the sentiments.