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I am only uploading one replay
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4652yessirski 3.rpl (279.2 KB, 23 views)
Chab>What a dead game
bgjames1>I like WhiteF719
Awesome replay dude (even louder than everyone else)

Cock n' ball torture fanatic!
leaps and bounds better than any ukebash replay that has been made over the past month.

The flow of this replay is quite exquisite (stated with a far deeper eloquence than that which has been delineated by other posters)
ayo g this replay litty af (hella more loud than the other beta fuckos postin yo)

Cock n' ball torture fanatic!
this replay sucks
part of the uri-nation
you clean your ears with a toothpick while listening to explosive diarrhea blood rectum metal
I joined in the joke in binary but the mods thought it wasnt funny enough and deleted it

I doubt anyone would want to go to the trouble of deciphering it. A wall of numbers is hard to find funny at first glance :v - best not to post it.
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this replay sucks

Me up

thought this thread could dead out but here we are