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Verdict mma should control the out comes, it's a global scorecard. It's a awesome Instagram page/ app / website you should check it out if you haven't.

Latifi got more control and takedowns than derrik but Derrick won, Jones Got more control and takedowns than Reyes but jones won, the goddamn judges judge the mma fights on boxing score sheets for God's sake... It's a joke
I apologise for this post.
Pretty excited for this weekend, my trainer and a couple others from my gym are fighting on the eternal mma card (day before ufc, you can watch on fightpass if you care) that im going to then the next day I'm going to watch Hooker, Kai and Brad from my gym fight at the UFC Auckland. Going to the after party aswell, gonna be a rough Monday at work (UFC is on Sunday here)

Do you guys care much for this card? Brad and Hooker are absolute beasts, Kai is very skilled but he's like a bit physically disadvantaged and small unfortunately, but I'm sure he will perform well.
I apologise for this post.
Totally into the next card: possible next title contender? I’m expecting a balanced match.
Post some pictures of the event if you can!

Wilder vs Fury 2? Anyone??
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