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+about hack and recovering items
i sent PM to Nirs. so he wanted proofs i said i havven't then he send if i don't have proofs then i can't get them! yesterday i sent him i have proofs i haven't sent me anything! Please tell other admins names so i can PM them!
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You should e-mail [email protected] if you lost your items during the hack.
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no if i send email it show me3 something that the message is unable to send! so they cant ban me! and Nirs didint ban me!
It seems nobody is doing anything. I lost a lot because of the hack and still haven't got anything back. Tryed to e-mail [email protected] but it said sending error.
So where do I post my lost items list?
Tried to PM several moderators, even Hampa, and nothing has happened yet, no response.

BTW: When I recover my items, tc and QI, will those be added to what I've earned and bought so far or just replaced?
No you will not be banned for asking your items/Qi/Credits back.

It seems that there's something wrong with the address (maybe full inbox), but please, be patient. There are many people who have lost stuff. And Nabi, being small indie gaming studio, doesn't have resourses to instantly fix everything.

Moderators (super or otherwise) can't help you, not even all admins can use features needed to recover your stuff. And even less people have access to that Support email, wich slows down this restoration.

Qi/Credits/Items will be added to what you have now, so no worries.
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