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Profile Customization
Hello, so if you are looking for a tutorial you are most likely new to toribash forums.
So this tutorial will also help you understand forum navigation.
You may be wondering what the perks are to knowing profile customization.
There are many reasons, but the main reason is it is an extra way to differentiate yourself from other, be unique.
Without any more gibber gabber, lets get into this tutorial <3

Basic Customization
The customization mentioned in this section will be all the unpaid stuff.
With that being said most of these options may not seem as much enticing as the further options in other sections of this tutorial.

Basic Profile Picture

Basic Signature Customization

To make your signature and profile pic more spicy look below and read the rest of the tutorial.
Finishing When I Can Acquire Tp/Vip Screenshots
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Excellent start to the tutorial, I would add a section on finding where the User Control Panel is at. Other than that, I can't wait to see the finished tutorial. Good job man.