Endurance Onslaught 3.0
Oh, and according to club 540 the parafuso is actually an intermediate trick, not a beginner one.
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oops, didn't mean to quote there.

So is this a round off or are my sources wrong?
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atleast thats my opinion.
and yes thats a round off
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Thanks, Mack.

I say no to everything. Yes, Bird that first maneuver is a roundoff.

Bquadz, I'd say take a look at the current one and note how his starting run places the Tori in the perfect ( and correct ) position for a butterfly trick. Smooth it out and extend it.
id say work on the opener

like in the 2 move of this replay, dont mind the end i was derpin. wip
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That's cool, kouta. I feel like the beginning to the first and second trick are slow, though. Here's something I've been nibbling at;
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Back with more,
Are these considered miss-legs on the end part.

And I guess, are those considered cork screws on the first part of the replay.
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