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replay .rpl files
are the replay files for Toribash able to be opened/viewed in any other program other than the Toribash client? I'm not talking notepad, I'm talking a program that actually interprets the data

I assume the answer is no, the reason I want know is that I'd like to extract replays and import them into a 3d animation package.

any help?
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I'm pretty sure there is a way to turn a replay into a povray file. It's F6 or something.
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I am sure that it wouldn't be too hard to convert the .pov file in to an obj or such.

After all, all that the .pov file contains is a set of animations and the objects, so all you need to do is convert the animation then you can attach objects to the bones.

Google gave this

Havn't checked them out yet.

I am sure this problem is not unique and that there is a solution already.

EDIT: Perhaps it would be easier just to interpret the .rpl file, since that would only store the animation (and players), not the objects.