A script were time stops for uke and he stays in one spot held in mid air while tori can move (kinda like the world)

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suggesting script that can load opener from .. i mean if you do /load hhhhhhhhh++ , it will load hold all , etc. with that script, we can see our old openers
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You know how there's a NutHug replay that's called NutHug -7.rpl in the files but when you play it, it's called raymantest? I wish there was a script that would allow you to do something like that easily, without having to replay hack every single frame, and you can finally easily do it in-game.
Could anyone do a script that displays the timestamp of the chat messages? something like
[hh:mm] <Toriality> test
how about a script you can toggle (with a key, eg 0), and while it's activated if you click on a joint it'll decap it immediately without momentum, just a sudden decap with no explanation? : p
During my tb experience i thought we needed these 2 scripts:

Removeing uke in sp

suggest to create a script to remove uke from single player, I know there is the possibility to make it transparent but I think removing it completely can be an interesting option so as to avoid problems with the cameras when starting to see the replay or avoid that during the game you can bump into it or manually move it in each mod.
I know it's possible to completely remove uke from the file with block notes but an in-game command would be much more convenient!

Symmetrical joint state (SJT)

Joints of arms and legs of tori are symmetrical, a script for symmetrical operations on the joints would be useful in some cases.
Example of how the script works: pressing ctrl and at the same time they change the state of the right knee, the left knee will also assume the same state, or vice versa (if I relax the left joint + ctrl, the right joint will also relax) if ctrl is not pressed instead everything will be as usual.
The ctrl for the symmetry option will obviously only apply to symmetrical joints (abs and other central joints will be excluded).
I know that in most cases symmetry is useless on tb, but it would be a very useful addition for openers and in special cases during the game.

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