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Nothing is more weeb and more disturbing to look at than your forum background and profile in general, Karnage

Your lack of loyalty hurts me.
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Your lack of loyalty hurts me.

I'm only loyal to 1 man... and that's Gordon Ramsay
There was an actual discussion to get Rule Britannia changed or removed a couple months ago and I am generally baffled, there was a poll put up to get it removed, bare in mind these kind of polls doing absolutely nothing, it's like the bullshit, it does nothing lmfao. The simpletons who want it removed came up with the argument that the song Rule Britannia is "celebrating slavery" which it doesn't, the song is all about how Britain will never be taken over.It's almost with the same incident with the Slave Trader in Bristol that got taken down by the public with ropes after the George Flloyd incident, yes it was a slave trader and yes what he did was a terrible thing but it's there for history and art, if people wanted to get it taken down then the government/MP's should have done a vote. Not let a bunch of brainless people yank down a statue that they have no idea the history behind it.

It's another way to point fingers at racism ever since the George Flloyd incident and the media is distracting with these random things from the real problems our world is facing.

you lot got any views on this?
Honestly i don't mind people going out of their way to solve a problem that probably isn't a problem. The true issue at hand was policing and how it was conducted here in America. But my concern is that 95% of the time ,these issues have nothing to do with race, and have everything to do with police training. So the media malformed these incidents and made it into a race issue and people took head to it; with the mindset that they are great crusaders to end racism. But in reality they're are creating more of a problem, and generally increasing sensitivity for no real reason.

Them taking down statues and songs and what not, that have to do with HISTORY is ridiculous to me. The same people preach that the U.S. and other countries need to recognize that they did bad in the past; are the same people that decided a part of history that shaped the country into the way it is, isn't valid and needs to be removed. Nobody said a slave trader was a good person. Nobody said the leaders of the CSA were good people. But its history, something that we need to recognize.

In regards to the Britannia, It is a byproduct of media sensitivity which made the people sensitive. They figure that the word, "slaves" is only referring to the issue that was slavery and not the literal meaning of the word. I think its stupid that people are attempting to, "fix" the Britannia, but keep in mind that censorship is at an all time high, and if you don't believe in what the masses that follow the media decided to believe, you are racist, homophobic, white, male, or even straight. There are stereotypes to people just because they aren't washed into accepting and believing whatever they see.
You can get socially prosecuted for thinking that the Britannia isn't racist, you can get socially prosecuted for thinking they shouldn't have taken that statue down. There is a high divide in society atm and nobody can seem to find a middle ground.

Im not racist, nor am I homophobic, Im a 17 year old, straight, puerto rican black, and I'm honestly all for fixing issues and problems that pertain to as such. But I truly believe that, "solutions" like this are making people dislike the movement; because the things these people are doing aren't even affecting or changing anything. Its just power tripping and removing anything that even remotely insults the ones running these movements, causing a problem over something that isn't even problematic.
The news and media harbor bad energy and makes you feel like shit - I stay away and come to conclusions with the information I read,

This world is slowly losing its freedom in exchange for an all encompassing circle jerk of cultures. You don’t mix vinegar and caramel then expect something good to be made from it

Max - that’s some gay shit

Nine - very solid points - I feel that the media has too much of an influence because we, the people allow them to
Bruh did anyone watch Mike Tyson VS Roy Jones? ended in a god damn DRAW! rigged i tell you! RIGGED!!!!
yeah, that's bullshit. everyone know mike tyson won smh.
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