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Reading 4bstr4ct looks so weird, why didn't they just name it (Abstract) Abstract lol surely the 44 must mean something.

They might be dreamed to make the clan alive until they're 44 years old, who knows
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Maybe 44 is how many months old they like their romantic partners.

now this is #ComedyQuote material
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They should feel threatened by our masculinity!

everyone should be scared of the dogs.
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Knew it, Lakers in 6

idk what that means but I have a feeling it’s got something to do with the basketball team? Anyways today Boris (Our prime minister) will be announcing about the new rules that will be set sometime tonight, basically all pubs and restaurants and other places will be shut down and more strict rules will be in place... fuck sakes
So i've created a thread specifically for the clan bank.The current people who have access to the clans bank and thread will be Me, Royal and Zeus: We will be keeping track of what comes in and what comes out of that account.

If you want to donate anything then feel free to, just post what item you have donated or the amount of TC you donated.
If you have won a wager war, then also post that too so that one of the 3 users can log it in.
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I've really been out here making it rain

also max that insta pic of you is fucking dapper I need to lose more weight before I start dressing like that (give me where you got your clothes at)