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looks like something my son would like. Might be a good idea to get that for him. Maybe he won’t play GTA so much.

gta is perfect for teaching lil guppies what minneapolis is like
wym, GTA is the perfect game for everyone, especially young children, it teaches them how to drive and act like a law obeying citizen
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Have you not seen the news of kids stealing their parents cars doing GTA stuff? rather not see a small Zeus going to strip clubs, gambling and breaking into the military base in brazil
i cant believe any young child would do SUCH A THING, how dare you say that max
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he big dum?
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I'm starting to believe that you guys are being serious LOL they rate it M which is for 17 year olds and older for a good reason haha
If I was exposed to GTA as a young kid, I wouldn't have been so naive, therefore, Gears of War should be mandatory childhood play
I used to play Mario Kart and smash bros melee as a kid lol i moved over to GTA san andreas on the ps2... idk how young i was though