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Christian Living - 92 A

i have a totally post modern tattoo of a scalene triangle.
<DeadorK> fair maiden
<DeadorK> if the cum is going to be in your mouth
<DeadorK> it shall be in mine as well
AP World History: 78 (C+) (would have a B, but the teacher decided it would be cool to omit a few grades at the end of the quarter)

Law Studies: 94 (A)

Algebra II Honors: 80 (B-) (Also, a fucking miracle, I suck at math)

Biology Honors: 86 (B)

And my college courses:

English Comp I: 85 (B)

Introduction to Psychology: 87 (B+)
All of the AP classes are weighted a few points. On a scale of 0-100, American style:

AP English 3: 83
AP Pre-Cal: 98
SAT Prep: 90
Pre-AP Latin 3: 100
Pre-AP Physics (no bump points): 92
Band: 100
AP Computer Science 2: 105

With a 95.06 gpa (includes previous 2 years), I rank in the top 17% of my class.

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It's about Religion.
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