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[REL] BigBro 1.2
Bigbro is not working anymore! See how to fix it here

Hi guys! Due to toribash lobby protocol changes BigBro 1.1 doesn't work anymore. So I had to grasp my penis firmly and fix that out.

So go and get Bigbro 1.2

This program is made for you to know which of your friends are online now.
It lives in tray and notifies you if some of your friends/clans are online (showing what server they are on now).

Whats new
  • Works with new toribash lobby adress.
  • "Add to /remove from autorun" option at right mouse click.
  • New cool and juicy icon lol.

Installation instructions:
1) Download install_bigbro_1.2.exe

Alternative mirror: install_bigbro_1.2.exe

2) Launch it and follow the installator instructions

Configuration instructions:
Now open list.cfg in any text editor (i.e Notepad).
You will see something like
LIST += [hack]
LIST += [alpha]
LIST += [rawr]

LIST += [btc]
LIST += [ussr]
LIST += [utm]

LIST += hampa
LIST += gman80
This is rool of search file.
There are 2 ways of search:
1) By clan tag (i.e. LIST += [hack])
2) By full name (i.e. LIST += hampa)
Edit this list to search your friends =)

Launch exe now


Alternative sources mirror

Originally Posted by Thrandir
OK, old BigBro doesn't work at new servers, so I made an update with HEX Neo Editor.
To make Your BigBro work, download BigBro.zip file and unzip it into Your BigBro installation directory.

That's all, now Your BigBro is working again =)

(publishing it due to permission from BigBro scrip author- iLLepidus)

If You will have any problems with downloading it (for example if download link expired) please PM me and I will re-upload it.

NOTE: The above quote does link to a third party modification, although it does not seem malicious, use this at your own risk.

Thank You for providing permanent download links, Gamerbad.
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Thanks God eerrrrr i mean iLL
Edit: Errrr, cannot download it :X
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Nice, i was just coming to post about this and saw this thread. Thanks iLL
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