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by seroperson

We all remember old good BigBro made by iLLepidus.
But the times pass and things become outdated, whereas elsewhere new features appear.

This is why we're introducing our new project to you - tMediator!

tMediator is a new way to see if your friends (or enemies) are online in Toribash. Basically, it's a great update of BigBro that was completely redesigned and renewed so that now it looks much cooler and is more user-friendly.

tMediator's visual look

Whilst being minimized to tray, each time when any player you've added to the list joins the game, tMediator pops up with this user's nickname highlighted in green. Moreover, there's a smooth animation turned on by default so that their names get sorted in a way you want.

New features:

tMediator's settings

  • Search list editing
    As you can see from the screenshot, the way of adding new players and clans to the search list has been significantly simplified. You don't need to edit any .cfg files anymore, just click on settings and write all the nicknames down!

  • Players list sorting
    You can choose between 3 types of the players list sorting (or just disable it at all). You can see them below in the spoiler.

    Types of sorting

  • Disabling notifications about new players
    If you don't want tMediator to appear every time someone from your search list goes ingame but just need to check them manually, you can disable notifications. Pretty handy if you have stuff to do and don't want to get bothered by endless pop-ups.

  • Globals tracking
    This is probably the greatest feature of tMediator. When BigBro was still used, you had to add all the Gamemasters and other hosters to your search list and check if they've opened a tourney or a betting room. Now you won't have to. tMediator imports broadcasted messages from the forum and shows them to you as a standard notification. So if you're an insane tournament hunter - this program is a must-have for you.
    Using a Steam version? Simply click on the global pop-up message and tMediator will connect you to the needed room!


  • Server Info
    You can open the Server information window by doubleclicking on any room which is shown in the list of players being ingame. It allows you to see every user in this room, its desc, mod and address (which can be suitable in some situations when the room has recently ghosted).
    You can also join any room if you have a Steam version of Toribash by pressing the "Connect (via Steam)" button.

    Server info window

Download links
Dropbox | box


tMediator is written on Java. To run it, you'll need the latest update.

This is still a beta version and it may sometimes crash.

Please use the "copy to clipboard" button on top of the crash message and use the Report an error button that can be found in "About".

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Will update and use this for summerbash. Thanks for putting my name up there. I know it's not a beta version, you just love me that much <3 you too
Happy Halloween!!!!!
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Erm, I have the newest Java and all I'm getting is a grey screen.
Anyway to fix this?
Never mind I'm retarded.
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супер! всякие мелочи очень решают.
теперь ещё добавьте функцию коннекта по нажатию, то есть увидел друга или глобал, ткнул и присоединился
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Sylar95: хм, пока Торибаш в Стим не заинтегрирован, не думаю, что как-то можно будет. Да и потом - не факт

Включение клиента можно ещё сделать по клику, но автоматическое прописывание /join'а вряд ли.
It looks great, though I'm not too sure about the java. It does take a heavy toll on the processing power when playing.
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