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loled at this.
Why don't you make a real game?

loled at this.
Why don't you know that this is a real game?
Keep walking
Nice Game! Camera Could use some work though Sooo, Since i use Unity myself i thought that i would recommend that you use This!!/content/44227

Its Pricey I know but it is worth it!

You can use Any Model As long as its an .fbx Model. And set the FBX model to be Humanoid It comes with preset animations and controls and a mouse camera!

Hope you Have fun Making Your Game, And Good Luck!
lel pretty nice idea
dont listen to people who didn't like it its good keep it up
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .
I need to say what dis is a really good idea.I like the video.Lets test the game
Good luck with the game.I like the style but the animations need to be more smoother.
Veo que hablas español.
Buenas ideas tienes amiguito.Te recomendaria que hicieras las animaciones un poco mas suaves y fluidas para agregar un poquito mas de realismo.Muy buen trabajo.Suerte y saludos desde Argentina
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