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Hello hello! Nabi Studios are very excited to announce our most ambitious project ever.
Season 8 will feature the very first Battlepass ever, and the prizes are so good we can't wait to show you! Be prepared to have the most fun you will ever have.

How it works:
All Green Belt+ players can participate in Season 8 by playing ranked games in special ranked rooms.
You will be unranked for your first 10 games and placed in a rank according to your Elo based on how you played while unranked.

Rank Tiers
After playing your qualification matches, you will receive a rank tier depending on your Elo:

Elo Hell (0 - 1550)
Bronze (1550 - 1575)
Silver (1575 - 1595)
Gold III (1595 - 1615)
Gold II (1615 - 1630)
Gold I (1630 - 1645)
Platinum III (1645 - 1660)
Platinum II (1660 - 1675)
Platinum I (1675 - 1690)
Diamond (1690+)

As part of Season 8, we are incredibly excited to announce to you our brand new BATTLEPASS. If you've played other modern games then you probably know what's up however for those that don't I'll explain briefly.

The Battlepass is a way you can earn rewards just from playing the game. Various aspects of the game grant you xp towards the Battlepass such as ranked, tournaments, quests and even just playing with your friends normally. As you gain XP you gain levels along with it, as you hit these levels you unlock rewards at every tier.
We have two versions of the Battlepass, a free version and a premium version which costs $10 early bird and $15 later on. Purchasing the premium Battlepass allows you to gain both sets of rewards.

Prizes for this battlepass include exclusive new variations of existing items, as well as all new 3d items, flames and colours!
Some flames even have rarer variants which have a percentage chance to drop when claimed!

If grinding isn't your thing, it is possible to purchase levels throughout the Battlepass using Shiai Tokens, too.

This is the very first season we're launching a Battlepass and we hope to do one with every ranked season moving forward. Naturally there may be some improvements to be made over time, especially with this being the first of its kind in Toribash! But we'll monitor how it goes and keep working hard to improve as we move forward.
A lot of people put a lot of hours into this and we're incredibly proud of what we've come up with and we cannot wait for you to see it!

Additional prizes

#1 Ranked Player
Pick one item from the ToriShop (packs included)*
Season 8 Winner Badge on your profile
1 Year ToriPrime subscription

#2 Ranked Player
Pick one item from the ToriShop (packs included)*
Runner-up Season 8 Badge on your profile
1 Year ToriPrime subscription

#3 Ranked Player
Pick one item from the ToriShop (packs included)*
Runner-up Season 8 Badge on your profile
1 Year ToriPrime subscription

#4-5 ranked players will receive

Top 5 Ranks (each mod)
50,000 Toricredits
5 Shiai Tokens

Diamond Players
Color Pack of choice*

Platinum I Players
Random Elite joints

Platinum II Players
Hit Effects
Random Tier X pack

Platinum III Players
Hit Effects
Random Tier X joints

Gold I Players
Hit Effects
Random Tier IX joints

Gold II Players
Hit Effects
Random Tier VIII joints

Gold III Players
Hit Effects
Random Tier VII joints

Other Info
Toribash Ranking features Elo decay which will affect inactive players within Platinum and Diamond tiers.
Inactive Platinum tier players will start losing 1 Elo point for every day of inactivity after they stay inactive for 2 weeks, and Diamond tier players will start losing their Elo after 1 week of inactivity.

You can only receive end-of-season prizes on one account.

Users caught rank farming or abusing the system will have their Elo reset back to default.
Severe cases of farming / exploiting will also result in a ban placed on every associated account.

Mods and quests will work in rotation this season. Every second week modlist and battlepass quests will be changed.

Season 8 ends on 25th of October

Good luck and have fun playing!

*excluding onyx, and limited edition/special packs.
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