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At what point do you turn off toribash?
Usually I see that people's last match was a loss, does anyone here end with a win and close TB out of boredom?

What do you usually do right after playing?

(Sorry if this sounds weird idk how else to say it)
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I usually just chill in a server and run TB on the background while I watch youtube. I just check the game once in a while to see what’s going on if there’s something interesting. If there’s nothing to do, then I’ll close TB.
when people start being dumbasses or when i get bored of playing usually. Im not fond of sitting for a couple hours playing like i used to oof

i usually win duels then the guy quits then i quit cuz nothing else to do

or i streak in a bet server until i lose (usually tryhard snapkickers) then i leave lol
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Moments like right now when the game is dead and no one is on at all....

Or if I decide to just jump on the PS4. I usually AFK alot now these days :P
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Fatigue eventually cinches in, and after 30 straight Boxshu rounds in a row, eventually your eyes just don't want to stay open anymore.