Endurance Onslaught 3.0
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[ES] Basic Training!
The Event Squad Mod Team presents :

es_basictraining.tbm, for the newly released event Basic Training!

Credit for the mod goes to mod team members Flesh, pouffy, and Natejas.

The objective of this mod (and the event) is to reach the end as quickly as possible! In your way there are various obstacles, such as an inclined wall, a wirecrawl, monkeybars, and more.

The ground as well as most objects that you imagine that you may be able to grab reliably with fingers are gripable, allowing you to clear some obstacles much more easily and much more quickly than without.

The bell at the end has a win trigger.

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Pretty neat, I'll be doing the event and a proper parkour for this at some point excellently done from what I can tell from the screenshots. I'll look at it a little later as well!
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