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Matarika's Tori Model
Hey here's a model I've been messing around with, haven't done much sparring with it but i've done some parkour & lots of tricking with it.

It's really fun to mess around with (especially in tricking) as more powerful moves are possible

If you want the model on a specific mod of your choosing let me know and i'll post it below. For right now i'll post the base mod here for you to mess around with, enjoy!


Credits: The strengths and rotations/axles of the joints are taken from the Binklawz models. As far as the sizing and positioning of the joints (the design), that was my doing.

I hope you enjoy these new models to play around with! Check out the replays below to see how it works!

Problems: In certain positions the hip balls show through the hips when too contracted. (IN process of fixing)

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#Matarika: Sloppy.rpl (189.3 KB, 7 views)
#Matarika: Power Moves.rpl (321.7 KB, 12 views)
#Matarika: Trick Track.rpl (280.1 KB, 8 views)
#Matarika: TrickGuy.rpl (211.7 KB, 5 views)
mata_model_v4.tbm (10.9 KB, 30 views)
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i tried messing around with it and i found that when over contracting glutes they will ghost and do some awkward pose unless you hold the joints before that.
the core joints are also really hard to see specially chest and lumbar, i could barely see what i'm doing.
also knees contract too slow.

its helpfull when doing tricks that require alot of momentum tho.
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fiekz.rpl (171.4 KB, 12 views)
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