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Simulation without display
Hello !

I would like to know if it is possible to run a Game without display.
I would like to try different AI algorithms on Toribash and one of the main issue to be able to speed up the training is to be or not to be able to run several game parallelly.

I thought about using ghost of ghost. But that does not seems to be the best solution : The game is already doing tthe calculation and displaying it.

I thank you all !
AFAIK Toribash requires valid display to initialize OpenGL buffers, I have not found a way around this yet. If you are running on Linux, you can use "Xvfb" to create a dummy display and render the game there (note that this does not work with Nvidia OpenGL drivers installed as of writing).

<self-plug> By any chance, have you noticed there is a Toribash learning environment made specifically for this kind of experiments? You will also find more instructions on running without display there.
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