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Make a Meme
Hello and welcome to my Make a Meme event where you show me memes regarding CL 2019

In this event, you are required to make a meme about CL 2019.

The meme must be related to CL 2019
Don't mimic someone's meme.
You may have multiple entries but they must be all in one post.
Also, put each entry in a spoiler

PRIZES (Accepting donations, send to me)
1st Place: Full 128x128
2nd Place:Stone Relax - Lumbar
3rd Place: 2K TC

And in addition to that, honorable mentions will get random prizes

2 days after Clan League 2019 is finished
August 14 2019, 5PM +8GMT

Get memeing, you cucks. Also, I hope the ES sponsor this and add ST

List of people who donated ~bless their hearts
Karstnator - 2k TC
nathaniel95 - Full 128x128
Angels - Cobra Grip, Cobra Relax, Stone Relax - Lumbar, Supernova Torso, Vampire Blood
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