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(satire) satire

Welcome to Satire!
Feel free to have a look at our Thread and gain an insight into the mind of the Mad.
Can you feel the shadow pulling you towards our brotherhood, outsider?
If so, have a look at our recruitment section.
who came up with this stuff honestly…

Hi, I’m the co-creator of satire back when it was first created alongside with bloodrec,
I am the one who came up with the name and gave bloodrec half the TC to create the clan.
Back then I was inexperienced and not so interested in the game but recently
with not much to do I have decided to not only return
to the game but also revive satire in the way I had
imagined it and not the way it was perceived.

With all that said, welcome back once again to satire!

Get 40 active members [✓]
Get 100k in the bank [✓]
Get rank 150 [✓]
Get rank 100 [✓]
Get rank 50 [✓]
Get rank 30 [✓]
Get rank 15 [✓]
Get rank 10 [✓]
Get rank 5 [✓]
Get rank 1 [✖]
Get Official [✖]

Recruit 10 former satire members [✖]
Get 10 active members [✖]
Get 20 active members [✖]
Get 150k in the bank [✖]
Get 300k in the bank [✖]
Get 600k in the bank [✖]
Get 1m in the bank [✖]
Get rank 100 [✖]
Get rank 50 [✖]
Get rank 10 [✖]
Get rank 5 [✖]
Get rank 1 [✖]
Get Official [✖]

- be active, being active will benefit the clan and you!
- follow tb TOS/rules
- be cool
If you have any questions or concerns, contact 1980s via Discord.


Bank: bankofsatire


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