If we're set on this automated system, I think I've got a few solutions for you.
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Currently we do not have clan events aside from Clan League. If all goes to plan, that may change but right now there are other things to work on. I would like whatever system we end up with to have the option for those kinds of things to be taken into account. I mention it here for transparency but it's so reliant on so many things going right that it's definitely not a thing for a while.
Gaining extra activity points for participating in Event Squad stuff ingame would be a big plus, and something we plan on adding.

Simple fix here. If a clan gets wins an event, yet still somehow receives a strike, cancel that strike. Give clans a specified grace period after winning an event.
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Single player is the big one that none of us have really been able to figure out, but it's a priority imo. Single player clans have always been a very specialist area, and under the new system just don't make it, which is a real fuckin shame.

Identify which clans are SP clans (or ask them to identify themselves), and then, if an SP clan fails a check, take a quick look at their active members' post history and see if they've posted in any replay threads. If a few have, mark them as active players.

This way, the only time you'd have to do anything is if a clan marked SP fails a strike (since this is triggered upon failure). So once every two months, someone might have to check through a dozen post histories, 20 min tops. Small bit of human oversight.

It'd be a lot simpler than finding some way to quantify posted replays for every clan, as you say. At least for now.
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Inactive Ranks:
I know a lot of people have been calling for them, but functionally they serve no purpose with the way the check is done. If anything it would end up hurting your clan because it excludes them from the check, so if they happen to pop by for a couple matches, it won't end up counting.

Afaik, aren't the points for active ingame members based on a percentage of total clan members? You need half your members active to get full points? If this is the case, then clans with rosters bloated with old players are disadvantaged still.

"The system punished larger clans because of activity relative to full member count."

It this is no longer the case then disregard entirely
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A static official clan server... Forum customisation... Recruitment banners

Those sound like good perks to me. The 'custom leader string' and other clan page related stuff strikes me as a bit 'meh' though.
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A portion of people in the various threads called out for "a human touch", and I also agree that there should be some degree of human review. As such, I would like to implement an appeal system as a last ditch attempt for you to save you clan.

This is a very good addition. If a clan dies now, it must really not care to be around.

@Erth - from the suggestions thread;
>discord servers
I'd suggest running discord checks the same way I suggested checks for SP clans. Upon failure (receiving a strike), check their board for discord. Open it up, see if it's somewhat active, throw 5 points their way.

IRC was once considered in checks because it was recognised that some clans are more active outside of ingame and the forums. I think that sort of thinking is still right with Discord.

One final suggestion: make Powas and me CS. You get brainstorming, you get marketing, you get a slave (me) to do the human oversight. If you really wanna 'bridge the gap' (this ever-widening gap) between the community and out of touch staff, we got that covered. CS would be best S. Consider it.
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