Application Form
Real Name: Daigan (not putting my last name)
Age: 13
Belt: Blue belt (used to be brown belt on DurpyBlitz)
Best (Most liked) Mods: Boxshu, xspar, and Aikidobigdojo
How many days in week are you online: Usually Friday through Sunday
People, who send you here: me? (idk wasnt really told by anyone)
People you know in the clan: If in irl: none, if not in irl:none, sry
Previous Clans (Why left?): BattleClan: Full of noobs
Previous Bans (Why?): None
Alts: DurpyBlitz (Forgot Password)

Why you want to join this clan: Because I wanted to be in a clan where people can actually spar, pakour, and have smooth close combat skills like me.
Can do anything for the clan (Videos, Art, etc.): I can do replays for any future clan videos or a new clan trailer.
Read the Rules and will follow them: Obviously, that's a reason why I'm actually applying.
Skype name (Raises chance of getting in): Daigan Theriot
Sorry missed a few questions!
(Flip) Back Flips Recruitment Drive

Detailed applications are preferred.

Applications will be free-form, this means that you will have to write your application with no provided template. Try and sell yourself to us here at Flip and we will decide on whether we think you've got what it takes to do well with us. The more well thought out and detailed the application is, the better the chances of being accepted. Good luck.

Things that may help your chances:

Discord Username
Belt and rank
Relevant replays
Why you would like to join Flip
If you'd like more information on what we're all about at Flip, feel free to check out the clan page. You can also contact me via Discord at "ediblecow." or through the clans Discord channel https://discord.gg/abX42VfQ
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Become one with the cow.
If you need to contact me, my Discord username is simply "ediblecow."
Real name:royce
i play football and basketball in real life
I can help the clan by making cool replays and inviting more people to join
welcome to (Flip) my guy
message me if you need an invite to the discord
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Pidda's spirit animal
yo, my name is wes, I'm 21 and I just picked up the game again after about six years. I'm a blue belt right now but I want to get to at least 3rd dan by the end of this year. I'd like to join to gain more experience and reach 3rd dan faster.
my most played mods are aikido, twinswords, judo, and boxshu.
outside of toribash I write music and play guitar. I'm also a martial artist of eight years.
my skills are rusty but I think I can bring a sense of realism to fights using actual karate forms and strikes.
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