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Favorite Strikers in Combat Sports?
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- Post highlight videos and short description to your pick. Why are they your pick?

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Lechi Kurbanov

When you think of Kyokushin:
You think of a fighter that embodies indomitable spirit, supreme patience, incredible toughness, and extreme viciousness in their offense. Lechi Kurbanov is a man that embodies all of these values of a Kyokushin fighter. Particularly known for his spinning hook kick, or ushiro mawashi geri (回し蹴り), Lechi Kurbanov is an amazing Karateka that can walk you down with grueling body shots, knees, and low kicks whilst taking it back. But in a moment's notice, if space has been created and you step in without purpose, he can spin around and hit you the second you touch the ground with your foot. His timing is impeccable and his composure is something to be admired as well.
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