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10-11-2021 - Spyder Announcement

Hello to all of our new members!

It is great to see our activity stats rise up so quickly as our member limits expanded after becoming official! However, we are beginning to approach the issue of filling up pretty quickly again.

Now, as one of our main prerogatives, we aim to teach as many new generations of Toribash players as possible. This requires me to go through the clan activity stats and occasionally clear out any members who have had 0 games in the duration of time that the stat tracker is recording (save for members who are officially verified into the belt rankings).

If you get cleared out, we apologize for the inconvenience; but, we ask you to simply rejoin as a lot of slots should be open after the inactives get cleared out.

If you are new to the clan and would like to join, please dm myself or another one of the leaders on the forums or on Discord to find some room for yourself.

Make sure to join the Discord to be in the know about all new stuff from Spyder! Mods, competition, belt rankings, and more!
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