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[Spyder House] Introductions
This thread will be for making introductions and short lil bios for each member that would like to participate, to help newer members who browse the forums become a bit more familiar with the community.
Personal information releases should be kept to a minimum, as this is still a public area for the clan to interact in.

My name is Peter, I've been playing Toribash since about 2009-2010 (I've had multiple accounts where I've just forgotten the password or had hacked from when I was a child). I came across Spyder about a year ago, last summer. I started getting into the Toribash MMA scene at large at first because I was recovering from a shoulder injury that forced me to sit out of training for about a year and a half. The only places I had been teaching martial arts outside that was in private lessons with clientele I either already knew or was referred by. So I found a place very naturally in Spyder as a main teacher eventually after processing some internal issues from said injury.

I've been training martial arts for approximately the same amount of time. Training Taekwondo since I was 10 years old, winning state championships, winning medals at international, national, and other regional levels. At 15/16, I started the transition into Muay Thai and eventually jumped full force into MMA, BJJ, wrestling, and boxing afterwards. For the last 7 years, I've been training these martial arts and teaching on the side as well. I was intending to make my amateur debut at 18 but suffered my first shoulder injury around this time. When I had recovered the first time, I went to compete out at my first Thai fight. I had hurt my opponent very severely with punches and was close to finishing him; but, he had won out on the hierarchy of Muay Thai techniques he had used successfully against the damage I had landed on him (as Thai fights are scored). I was aiming to make my boxing debut after that but injured my shoulder a second time in an unofficial bout before that. When I had recovered from that, I was planning to compete in BJJ but injured my shoulder again going for a very risky and high-velocity transition in training. If life has taught me anything, it is to teach my students to take martial arts as slowly as possible and to prevent injury.

On the other side of the spectrum, I spend a lot of time hunting down lost Japanese media, 80s anime/manga, and emulating retro games. I'm a pretty obsessive nerd when it comes to anything so if you have questions, I usually have answers. I would consider myself a bit of audiophile too so I spend a lot of time browsing around on bandcamp or soundcloud, looking for new indie artists.

Your introductions don't have to be as long obviously; but, I'd thought I'd just share that much at-least as a leader.

Have fun below and be nice to each other.
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waddup. it's sans. not about to put my personal shit out there, but I'll give a lil' snippet out of respect for Xero.

i'm in the military and don't nearly play as much as i probably could/should be.

i used to box for a few years before the military, did bjj, and wrestled.

idk. i'm scrappy in toribash. we throwing hands.

i've been playing for too long. i used to go by Norinviir, Quantum, and sometimes i go and make alts because i'm always forgetting my password.

i was one of the first ones to join spyder and have been in since it pretty much started up. if you've got questions i gotchu. might not be the right answer sometimes, but I'll have some kinda answer. lmao